PC Magazine buzzed the revelation of the Eee sub-micronote laptop PC to online readers today, as Computex, the mammoth Asian computer expo in Taiwan got fully underway. The subnote 900 gram (2 pound, 5 ounce) lappie will ship… well, it will ship, because Asus and Intel are both behind it.

Update: Notebook Review contains a review which liked the Eee, even at the $250 price point for the 8GB model.

Execs from both firms announced it in a keynote speech, and it will ship for $199 or $299, depending on configuration, and it will include VOIP and networking capability. Tellingly, it did not boot into Windows, and the ‘Windows tax’ may be relevant in reaching that price point.

A sub-micro from these industry leaders validates the recently announced Palm “Folēo”, a solid-state Linux micronote revealed here last week. Like the Foleo, the Eee is billed as quick to start, plus user-friendly. “This is the world’s lowest cost and easiest PC,” said Asus’ CEO and Chair Johnny Shih, who noted the name was derived from “easy to learn, easy to play, easy to work.”

Cereal boxes, these things are going to start coming in cereal boxes.

Is a nearly-disposable PC, costing less than four tanks of gas, something of merit to you, or is this an ‘Aunt Minnie’ device (to quote First Blogger Jerry Pournelle)? Join the discussion.