Jack-of-all-Trades or Specific Accolades?

A programmer can take one of two paths. You can specialise in a small subset of languages or platforms, or you can learn a myriad of technologies at just beyond face value. How is BuilderAU going to help you?

A programmer can take one of two paths, each having its advantages and disadvantages. You can specialise in a small subset of languages, or you can learn a myriad of languages at just beyond face value.

Specialising allows you to learn all of the subtle nuances and gotchas for a given language (and even a given IDE), allowing you to be exceptionally efficient at getting things done in a language. This of course limits you to finding work with companies that use those specific technologies, and should you find a job asking for a specialist in your area, chances are it will be very well paid.

Becoming a jack-of-all-trades programmer allows you a lot more freedom to find work and solve problems without limitations of a set technology. This, however, means you can end up wasting days figuring out subtleties of new languages. It also means that in that specific field, you will be replaceable.

Some people choose to learn several languages pretty well. The more time you dedicate to your job, and your hobby-programming, the more successful you will be in any of these instances. As a result, BuilderAU is attempting to help out both extreme groups by compiling some tutorials for useful languages, and some gotchas for obscure bugs and some quirky programming languages for fun.

We hope this will also give a rough guide to project managers of what technologies to choose when starting a new project. I think it's a given that not every programming language is suited to every task.

In the pipelines, I personally have tutorials for Prolog on the way, as well as some .Net Data Binding information. Once we get our forums together, we'll start organising a submission process for common gotchas and user tutorials. Thanks for all your feedback so far, it's been very much appreciated.

If you'd like a say in how Builder shapes itself for the future, post your thoughts here, and hey, you could walk away with an iPod or a free tech book. Not bad for 5-minutes work.