We use customer relationship management (CRM) technology in a variety of ways, from synchronizing our sales staff’s laptops with our network servers to doing Web-based customer support—such as notifying a customer of a shipment or conducting an online auction. CRM technology acts as the backbone in our efforts to provide quality customer support online.

Electronic software distribution (ESD)
Electronic software distribution (ESD) is an automated system for selling, distributing, and installing software over a network. Using a secure system, software users can pay for and download the desired software over the Internet or via a modem-to-modem connection. ESD is used in both client/server and mobile client/server environments.

Mobile client/server (MC/S)
Mobile client/server (MC/S) describes a method in which resources are transported and synchronized between mobile computers (clients) and network servers.

Systems administration management (SAM) tools
Systems administration management (SAM) tools include utilities and application administration tools that a systems administrator uses to make changes to a network.

Electronic CRM (e-CRM)
e-CRM involves the online integration of all channels related to customer relationships including customer support, marketing, and sales. This can include managing contacts, schedules, service calls, and user support.

Dynamic commerce (d-commerce)
d-commerce is a new term that refers toWeb auction applications for business-to-business and business-to-consumer sites.

cXML stands for Commerce XML, a new standardized methodology for XML (Extensible Markup Language) that allows designers to create their own customized tags to streamline e-commerce processes. cXML also standardizes the information about products in a catalog and helps define processes for secure transactions including purchase orders, acknowledgements, shipping status and notifications, and payments.
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