JavaOne, Sun’s developer conference, began today with a series of announcements — before that could happen though, the lines needed to be traversed.

Lines, Lines, Lines

The lines to get into today’s keynote extended outside the pavilion

More Lines, Lines, Lines

And continued all the way to the end of the block

So many Safari Windows

Pre-keynote entertainment consisted of a series of Safari windows with changing content, to the tune of some beats provided by DJ Anon. The significance of which still alludes me.

James Gosling

No announcement with the impact of JavaFX would be complete without the appearance of the “Father of Java”, Dr. James Gosling

The Crowd

The punters pour out of the keynote. JavaOne 2007, it is claimed, to have broken previous attendance records — so the number of people trying to get out of four doors is quite large.

Schwartz and Green

Jonathan Schwartz, CEO and president of Sun, and Rich Green, executive vice president, software, answer some questions after the keynote.

Chill out

When it all gets too much to handle, there is always the chill out areas.

Chill out — Old School Style

These kids and their new beeping gadgets don’t know the meaning of fun. Not when you have foosball, cocktail video games and Asteroids available!

Chill out — New School Style

If you get sick of the people with grey beards yapping on about the “good ol’ days”, you can always turn to some XBox 360 action and headphones to drown them out.

Session rooms are for n00bs!

Why go into a small room with uncomfortable seating when you can stay out on some bean bags and live it up?.

If you have too much cash

You can always spend big on Java paraphernalia, this is on top of the standard loot that all attendees receive.