While you’re looking for a job, there are a number of actions you can take to maintain positive peace of mind.


In a recent piece, Yahoo HotJobs’ Heather Boerner talked about the five most common mistakes people make when job hunting that affect their prospects and emotional well-being:

1. Not recognizing their feelings. Losing a job is a major stresser. Aside from the obvious effects on your financial security, there are all those feelings of low self-esteem and despression to deal with. Don’t ignore the feelings. Accept them and get on with the business of getting a new job.
2. Don’t make your only goal just getting a job. Make smaller increments your goals. Boerner recommends:

  • Instead of “I will get a job in X field this year,” try “I will send out five resumes this week.”
  • Instead of “I will have three job interviews this month,” try “I will call five people for informational interviews today.”

3. Don’t apply for every job you’re remotely qualified for. That will only increase your chances of getting rejected and further erode your self-esteem.
4. Avoid negative people and experiences. If there is someone or something in your life that drains you emotionally, avoid it.
5. Don’t put yourself in a “settling” state of mind. You didn’t ask for it, but being laid off offers you an opportunity to figure out what you’re really passionate about. Don’t always go for the job you know you can do — go for the one you want to do.