So, surely you’ve noticed this, but tech moves pretty fast. And being the hardworking and concerned technology professional that you are, you’re probably always keeping one eye on how to stay current. Or at least you should be.

Lucky for you, Dice has just released its list of the fastest-trending tech skills for tech pros.

First up is Cloudera Impala. If you’re unfamiliar, it’s an open-source MPP SQL query engine. We know that everyone’s into data these days and a lot of businesses are using Apache Hadoop to actually sift through it all. Therefore, Dice says it’s not surprised that a platform built to query Apache Hadoop is doing pretty well. In fact, the average salary for someone with Cloudera Impala in their back pocket is $139,184. t

Second is Adobe Experience Manager. If you’re some type of creative professional, this might apply to you. This tool is built to organize and manage creative assets. That’s no small thing for the marketing and advertising crowd. Average salary on that? $123, 599.

Third, is Ansible. It’s another open source tool for you. And by you, I mean all you system administrators out there. Ansible lets you configure and manage PCs. The average salary is $124,860. That’s actually a couple more bucks than Adobe Experience Manager, but Dice says Ansible’s popularity has grown more.

And fourth, is Xamarin. It’s fun to say, but more importantly, it’s a tool developers can use to, well, develop iOS and Android apps cross platform in C Sharp. The average salary here is $101.707.

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