Jobs and outsourcing dominate the week on TechRepublic

If last week's IT news and information flew by in a blur, now's your chance to catch up. This recap includes info and opinions on everything from the noises your computer makes to job concerns.

Leave your message after the beep
Few things are more frustrating than when you turn on your computer and all it does is sit there and beep at you. Rather than responding with a whole list of beeps and "expletive deleteds" of your own, you can download and reference Bill Detwiler's BIOS beep code list.

More work for Colin Powell
As if Secretary of State Colin Powell didn't already have his hands full, reported last week that the State Department got hit with a major virus outbreak. Meanwhile on TechRepublic, Scorp took a look at the psychology of the people who are creating viruses.

Stagnant job search
Beth Blakely told TechRepublic members about a member who was having a hard time finding a new job, suggesting the problem might lie in the member's resume. They had a field day picking the resume apart in the Discussion Center. Meanwhile, the member is so desperate for work, he's willing to award more than 7,000 TechPoints to the person who hires him.

Insert your name here
Have you ever wondered how people manage to get themselves quoted in magazines and newspaper articles? Carl Weinschenk provided hints that you can use to become a media source and get your own name in print.

Alex, I'll take Windows XP for $500
If you think you know your stuff when it comes to the Windows XP Recovery Console, put your knowledge to the test. Bill Detwiler ran another one of his pop quizzes, this time devoted entirely to the Windows XP Recovery Console.

California tries to can spam reported last week that California recently passed a law to ban spam. The law would ban unsolicited e-mail messages to anyone outside or inside the state. Meanwhile, TechRepublic member MongBoyJeff offered 150 TechPoints to the person who could best explain how to stop spam in Outlook Express.

Readers react to outsourcing trends
Gartner reported on a growing backlash to the outsourcing trend. TechRepublic members quickly expressed their views about outsourcing and how it's going to affect the U.S. economy. At the same time, ZDNet editor in chief Dan Farber held a WebCast on TechRepublic discussing outsourcing as one of the trends that CIOs will be facing in 2004.

How sweet it is
An old cliche says that nothing is constant but change. Gartner showed how Hershey Foods used change management to make its move from a mainframe to a client server architecture without getting into a sticky mess.

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