This is a personal entry and has absolutely no Oracle,

database or other technical content. This is more of a mind dump about

Katrina and life in general. If you don’t care to read about Katrina or

my life, please don’t read this. This entry is one of my few rambling

rants and it’s a pretty long one. Read it at your own risk.

If you want to read my thoughts as Katrina happened and shortly after you can read my posts: A New House, Pneumonia, TOAD and Katrina, A Personal Update on Katrina, Good News in Spite of Katrina, My Final Update on Katrina.

It’s the 1 year anniversary of Katrina.

The 1 year anniversary of Katrina hitting New Orleans and the gulf

coast. I’m not sure it should be called an anniversary. That makes it

sound like something that should be celebrated. I don’t know what the

right word is though.

As I write this (around noon, Sunday,

August 27), Ernesto has become a hurricane. It looks to be a lot like

Katrina. Right now they’re saying it might hit Tampa on Thursday. At

this point that’s a total guess.

I have been debating with

myself whether or not to write something about Katrina. I’m still

debating as I write this. I know there will be a thousand things

written in the next week.

I saw Spike Lee’s HBO documentary. He

presented one point of view. It was a good documentary in general but

very biased. His stuff usually is.

I thought I could write about

the incompetence of the government response to Katrina. Of incompetent

local government. Of incompetent state government. Of incompetent federal government. Besides not knowing where to start, I figure there are others who will say all of that better than I can.

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