Keep company logos handy with Word's Clip Organizer

Keep your logos or WordArt creations organized. Mary Ann Richardson talks about Word's Clip Organizer, which can help you maintain your image files.

You want all employees to use the same company logo when developing documents for both print and online, so you've created a company logo using Word's WordArt. Now you need to make it available to all users. You could put the document you created with WordArt in a shared folder that users would have to search for and open in order to copy and paste the logo to their document, or you could just add it to Word's Clip Organizer. Follow these steps to add your company logo to Clip Organizer:

  1. Select the logo you created in your Word document.
  2. Click the Copy button.
  3. Go to Insert | Picture | Clip Art.
  4. Click Organize Clips (or Clip Organizer in Word 2002) in the bottom of the Task Pane. (If the Add Clips To Organizer dialog box appears, click the Later button.)
  5. In the Favorites-Microsoft Clip Organizer dialog box, go to File | New Collection.
  6. Click in the Name text box and enter Company Logos.
  7. Click the My Collections folder to select the location for the new collection, then click OK.
  8. Click the Company Logos folder under Collection List.
  9. Click the Paste button.
  10. Point to the clip, click the down arrow, and select Edit Keywords.
  11. Click in the Caption text box and enter ABC Company.
  12. Click in the Keyword text box and enter ABC Logo.
  13. Click the Add button and then click OK.
  14. Click the Close box.

Follow these steps to insert the logo in a document.

  1. Click where you want the logo to appear in your document.
  2. Go to Insert | Picture | Clip Art.
  3. Click in the Search For text box (or Search text box in Word 2002) and enter ABC Logo.
  4. Click the Search In drop-down arrow and clear all check boxes except My Collections.
  5. Click Go (or click Search in Word 2002).
  6. Point to the logo clip, click the arrow, and select Insert.

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