Keep more than 250 bookmarks at a glance

Like many IT pros, Erik Eckel was tired of hunting for bookmarks. So he created a customizable Excel bookmark template that collects 250 popular Web sites at a glance. Learn how you can use this indispensable download.

I have a reputation for using spreadsheets. Ask anyone who knows me. I’ve created worksheets to track projects, finances, and much more.

A few months ago, when I grew weary of being limited to 22 or 23 bookmarks (using one- to two-letter abbreviations) in Internet Explorer’s Links toolbar, I decided to try and build a better mousetrap. I created a simple HTML spreadsheet that lists—get this—more than 250 links at a single glance with no need for scrolling, assuming you use a 1024 x 768-pixel desktop configuration. Best of all, you can customize and categorize bookmarks as you see fit, all in Excel!

It's a snap
No longer must you wade through folders and subfolders seeking a bookmark. Using the TechProGuild's spreadsheet I created, you can find links in a snap.

Need IT or national news? Not a problem. Want to check up on virus alerts? They're just a click away. Have to search a major vendor’s site? Trying to buy a book online? Don’t sweat it.

You’ll find links to popular IT magazine, news, vendor, utility, security, download, and certification sites, along with online shopping and other hyperlinks, all categorized in one sheet. Make it your home page. You’ll find it easier to visit important Web destinations and your favorite sites.

Check out Figure A to learn how easy it is to access more than 250 Web sites with a single click when you make the spreadsheet your default home page.

Figure A
The bookmarks spreadsheet lets you keep some 250 fully customizable bookmarks only a click away.

Best of all, the bookmarks file is simple to load. Just download the Excel sheet, open it, and set Internet Explorer (IE), or your browser of choice, to use it as your default home page. I use it with IE, Opera, and Mozilla on both Windows and Linux machines.

It’s updated and customizable!
The original bookmarks file, created in October 2001, has been updated to include several new IT categories and dozens of new links. If I've left off some of your favorite sites, you can easily add them using Microsoft Excel.

Get your copy; send your suggestions
Download the bookmarks spreadsheet here.

If you've found that some of your favorite sites have been omitted, send them to me. I’ll update the download again, ensuring you don’t encounter 404s or miss out on the best Internet sites that IT professionals rely upon.

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