In the words of 1980s video game villain Sinistar, “Beware, I live!”

Because you demanded it!
You shouted loudly, “Keep the Geek,” and TechRepublic has heeded your plaintive cries. Geek Trivia lives, bigger and stronger than before! No cancellations, no tearful farewells, just a virtual victory lap for all who call themselves Trivia Geeks.

Not only will your favorite TechMail Trivia-thon keep rolling towards your Inbox every Wednesday, but your passionate response to its threatened cancellation has convinced the kind folks at TechRepublic to upgrade our Geek-centric offerings. You spoke, we listened!

In the coming weeks, look for new and improved features to Geek Trivia, and an expanded role for geeks of all varieties on the TechRepublic Web site. If you thought we were dork-tacular before, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet!

The battle has just begun!
Your faithful and vocal support is what spared Geek Trivia from the executioner’s axe, so now is no time to begin slacking off. As we resume and reinvigorate your beloved Trivia TechMail, we’ll be calling on you—the fans—to contribute as never before.

The plans for a new Geek Central at TechRepublic are forming now, so tell us what you’d like to see there by posting in this week’s Discussion Forum! Then, start honing your trivia research skills in preparation for such features as The Guest Geek and The Quibble of the Week. (Oh, and buying a few TechRepublic books and CDs wouldn’t hurt, either. They make great gifts for the IT professionals on your shopping list.)

Christmas comes early!
Speaking of shopping, the perfect Geek gift at the perfect Geek price is here. As promised, the Geek Trivia Calendars are live and ready for free download from TechRepublic. Get your copy today, so you can print out these PDF beauties on the company LaserJet before the holiday rush!

Perfect for pinning on cubicle walls or housing in a three-ring binder, these 8.5 x 11 treasures are sure to keep you organized and enlightened as only Geek Trivia can.

Jump on the bandwagon!
Even if you weren’t part of the first Geek Trivia generation, it’s never too late to start. Sign up for the new and improved Geek Trivia TechMail, delivered fresh to your inbox every Wednesday, by clicking here!