Recently, we ran an article that showed TechRepublic members how to create macro buttons in Excel and Word. At the close of the article, we asked members to send us their favorite macro.

The first person to send us a macro was Jonathan Gold, an information specialist with the Public Health Institute in Berkeley, CA. The macro that he sent helps him keep track of the number of worksheets and chart sheets in his Excel workbooks.

“The macro does two things for me: It gives me a quick count of how large my workbook is getting, and it gives me a quick indication of whether I’ve got a chart for every worksheet, or two charts per worksheet,” he said. “It gives me an overview of what I’ve put into the workbook.”

For example, if you were to run this macro in Excel with two worksheets and one chart sheet, this window would appear:

Sheets And Charts Total screen

To use this macro, Gold places a button on his toolbar. Here’s the macro.


What’s your favorite macro?

Have you created a great macro that others may benefit from? Send us the details in an e-mail or post your comments below.