There’s an interesting competition over at Proceeding from the premise that Linux is ready for small and midsize enterprises, their editors are testing the best distros (out of the roughly 176) for jumping into the business world: “Put to the test of usability in a standard office environment, which is the best Linux desktop in the world?

As there are more than 176 Linux distributions, Test Center engineers selected the most popular distributions, Debian-based and RPM-based, for the World Series. The goal is to pit the best Debian-based distro against the best of the RPM-based distro for a final smackdown. The winner of the World Series will be crowned the champion.

So who earned the right to play in the Championship from the Debian League? You can find out right now, and on Thursday, they will unveil Round Two’s winner. Get your peanuts and Cracker Jacks!