Keep Word from spell checking specific text

Even though Microsoft Word's spelling checker can be extremely useful, there may be times when you want to turn off this feature for selected text. Mary Ann Richardson provides you with three quick steps that demonstrate how to do this.

Just as you can use Word's spelling checker to check only selected text, you can also turn off spell checking for selected text. For example, if you're typing a block of VB code or a price list complete with parts numbers, the spelling checker will probably go ahead and mark the entire text as misspelled.

However, you can prevent the spelling checker from checking this text altogether. Follow these steps:

  1. Select the text you don't want Word to check.
  2. Go to Tools | Language | Set Language.
  3. Select the Do Not Check Spelling Or Grammar check box, and click OK.

Keep in mind that this procedure not only excludes the selected text from spell checking but also from grammar checking and AutoSummarize processes.

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