Kick the tires on this enhanced Laptop Checkout Tool

This new version of our Laptop Checkout Tool makes it even easier to enter and track information on borrowed laptop equipment. Give it a try and let us know what you like about it and what features you might add or change.

Tracking loaner equipment is one of those tedious but essential responsibilities for an IT department, and organizations approach it with varying degrees of commitment and effectiveness. Somewhere between the extremes—allowing laptops to disappear through negligence or careless record keeping and spending a large chunk of money to implement a sophisticated tracking or loss control solution—lies this new version of our Laptop Checkout Tool. Like its predecessor, this tool is designed to automate the process of entering and tracking the whereabouts of the laptop equipment your users borrow. It's a macro-driven Excel workbook that simplifies recording and modifying information on who has borrowed or returned what, including user name, department, and phone number; laptop description; and additional check-out items, such as power cords and CD/DVD drives. You can quickly print out a form for signoff by user and support pro, if you want to keep paper records on file. You can also generate a report to show check-out/check-in trends for the week, month, quarter, or year. For example, you might want to give department managers a quarterly report that indicates how many of their staff members have borrowed laptops, for what duration, and whether they've been returning them on time.

More is more?

The Laptop Checkout Tool is built to facilitate the routine tasks of tracking equipment without being top heavy with features. But does it do what you need it to do? Would certain additional types of functionality make it more useful in your day-to-day work? Since we can't anticipate exactly how the tool will mesh with the needs of your IT department, we're hoping you'll field test it, share your experience and feedback, and suggest refinements or enhancements you'd like us to make. We don't expect to build a tool that will be all things to all techs, but we're committed to the notion that a useful utility can become even better if we implement suggestions made by members who think we may be on to a good thing.

If you could use some help tracking and reporting on borrowed equipment, we encourage you to download the Laptop Checkout Tool and try it out. Then, let us (and other members) know what you think by posting to the discussion below or by joining our general feedback discussion on the Downloads page. And feel free to e-mail us with your ideas for modifying this tool or for creating other types of tools that would save you time and energy in your work.

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