Though I disagree with the presumed tactical outcome, this mashup video of Capt. Kirk vs. Capt. Picard is really freakin’ funny. Stuff like this is why YouTube is one of the fastest-growing sites on the Web. The fact that I knew immediately that almost all the Picard footage was lifted from the NextGen episode Cause and Effect should be horribly embarrassing (it’s a great episode, by the way, with a nice guest role for Frasier/X-Men 3‘s Kelsey Grammer and our first look at a Soyuz class starship, even though it’s a pretty obvious kit-mod of a Miranda-class model). Instead, I’m a little miffed that I can’t peg the Kirk footage source(s). Extra points to the reader who can.

As if that wasn’t enough goodness, this somewhat choppy mashup of the NextGen Enterprise vs. the Star Wars Imperial Battlefleet is fun, if crude. The outcome seems far more plausible than the Kirk/Picard battle.

Apparently, there’s a whole meme-set on YouTube of taking popular songs and splicing Star Trek footage over them to make geek-centric music videos that express a fan theme (Enterprise was canceled, people, let the whole Trip/T’Pol romance die). Personally, I have neither the courage nor the curiosity to watch them, but apparently these are popular enough to spawn a whole sub-sub-subgenre of mashup videos. Suddenly, I feel a whole lot less geeky.