I depend upon Google services. I use Gmail, Google Drive, Google Docs, and Google Calendar on a daily basis. I also use an Apple MacBook Pro when I’m on-the-go. When I’m away from my usual Linux desktop, I like to work with the same level of efficiency. So, when I came across Kiwi for Gmail in the Apple App Store (also available for Windows, via a download on the Kiwi for Gmail website), my curiosity was piqued.

After a quick install, I realized that Kiwi for Gmail might be the perfect solution for working with Google services (and G-Suite) on macOS. Not only does Kiwi for Gmail provide easy access to the Google tools you love, but it has a handy Gmail filter that makes it simple to search for emails.

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Let’s take a look at Kiwi for Gmail. At the moment, the app is free, so you can try it out without worrying about the cost. The regular price is $9.99, so I recommend getting it now (before this limited sale ends).


Open the App Store, search for Kiwi for Gmail, click Get, and then click Install. The only gotcha during installation is that you must enable Kiwi in System Preferences | Extensions (which automatically opens during the installation as seen in Figure A).

Figure A

Once you have Kiwi for Gmail installed, you will then have to connect it to your Gmail account (which is the standard sign-in procedure for connecting anything to your Gmail account).


Using Kiwi for Gmail is incredibly intuitive. Each of the Google apps (Gmail, Drive, Docs) will open its own window (Figure B). You gain access to each app from the left toolbar in the main Kiwi for Gmail window (the Gmail window itself).

Figure B

There’s little else to say about the basic usage of the tool (it’s that easy to work with), outside of how important the left sidebar is to its functionality. From the main window sidebar (using the icons at the bottom), you can quickly create a new email, new calendar appointment, new Doc, new Spreadsheet, or new Slide. Located on that left sidebar is also one of the most important features: Focus Filters.

Focus Filters

One of the handiest features of Kiwi for Gmail is Focus Filters. Focus Filters allow you to stay on top of your email with ease you might not find in other tools. With Focus Filters you gain email filters based on a combination of Date, Importance, Unread, Attachments, and Starred.

The Focus Filters feature is found in the left sidebar of the main Kiwi for Gmail app. Click on the Filter icon to reveal the options (Figure C).

Figure C

After the options are revealed, you can then create a quick filter. Say you want to view all unread email from yesterday marked important. To create that filter, do the following:

  1. Click the icon marked 1 Day and then, from the popout, click 1 Day (Figure D)
  2. Click on the Unread icon (directly below the 1 Day icon)
  3. Click on the Tag icon (directly below the unread icon)

Figure D

You will now only see the email that matches the newly created filter. And that, my friends, is one feature found in Kiwi for Gmail that makes it worth using.

Focus Filters is invaluable if you find yourself constantly filtering through a vast cache of email. Couple that with its clean interface, and you have an absolute winner of a tool for busy professionals who depend upon Google services.