Both Terraform and Kotlin ecosystems are planting stakes in the enterprise, according to ThoughtWorks’ recent Technology Radar report. The Radar, which is published every six months, presents the latest trends in software development to help keep business professionals updated on the most useful tools, the report said.

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Terraform and Kotlin have matured in the past few years, making both competitive and relevant software tools in the DevOps world. Because of how much data has grown in volume, sources, and formats, developers need a wider set of tools to properly handle the content, the report found.

Similar to the way Docker and Kubernetes rose in the ranks, the Terraform landscape is doing the same, the report said. The system creates and manages a number of cloud infrastructures, without providing an artificial abstraction to providers, making it very appealing to users. Its impressive development over the past two years has caught the eyes of developers, especially because of its easy readability, the report added.

Kotlin also appealed to developers, even being named the second most loved programming language in the 2018 Stack Overflow survey. The language is compatible with Java, supported by Google, and is functional and straightforward, according to our sister site ZDNet. Kotlin can be used as a general or special purpose language in the enterprise, the report said.

With countless DevOps tools, languages, and platforms coming out of the woodwork, the report said developers must remember to align all systems with what best fits their business goals.

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