Elkwinkarma — Undead Warlock, Guild Leader, Technologia
Report — Kroshius’ Infernal Core – Part 1

A warlock is defined by the demonic pets he can summon from the netherworld at will. The key to success in any battle is having the right pet summoned for the job at hand. In most tactical situations, one of the warlock’s normal compliment of four pet choices is sufficient.

The fire imp is a ranged fighter hurling fireballs at targets I select. It is a good choice for situations where someone else will be handling melee duties. The voidwalker is best used when there are no melee fighters. With its taunts it can keep the aggression squarely focused on itself, leaving the warlock free to cast damage over time spells.

The succubus is a rogue fighter. She is best used for melee support for the main damage dealer. She also possesses certain magical aspects in the realm of seduction. No one but the warlock who controls her can resist can resist her seductive call. I’ve seen battle-hardened warriors swept off their feet in euphoric bliss by the soothing kiss of the succubus. These warriors would swear on their lives that they are in love. It is at that point they realize, too late to prevent the inevitable, that the object of their desire is sucking the life from them.

The final pet in the warlock’s normal arsenal is the felhunter. This demon dog-like aberration is a master at disarming and devouring magic and the casters that wield it. It can remove magic that is beneficial to the opponent or, just as importantly, remove magic detrimental to the warlock.

Each of these four always available pets has advantages and disadvantages. Balancing those aspects is what separates the warlock apprentice from the master. When a warlock is perceived to be a master at these four pets, they will be issued a summons by their warlock trainer. There is one pet only a very few Warlocks can control long enough to be useful in combat — the Infernal. After some extensive work in the Plaguelands, I was noticed by the Warlock Council. By way of special courier, I was called before the Warlock Council and given the opportunity to acquire the sacred and dangerous knowledge for summoning this great demon.

Not everyone at the council is certain I am ready for such a challenge, but I know that I am. I have worked long and hard for this opportunity and I will not contemplate any hints of failure. There is no turning back. I will master the Infernal or I will not be coming back.

Oddly enough, the first part of my quest was to pay a visit to a strange gnome warlock wandering around in Felwood. I have spoken briefly with Niby the Almighty, as he calls himself, before. I found him eccentric and a bit of a showboat. He directed me to talk to his imp, Impsy. Talk about starting off a quest on the wrong foot.

Impsy is a demanding little cuss of a demon. But Impsy seemed to know many things imps are not supposed to know and I began to wonder which of these two mismatched partners was really in charge. I was informed that I would have to reanimate an infernal by the name of Kroshius so I could remove his infernal core.

To create the reanimating spell, Impsy needed me to gather a substance called Flawless Fel Essence from three demonic beings existing in this plane, but not controlled by any warlock. That made them extremely dangerous and not easily dispatched. A free-roaming demon is by definition powerful — because, by exercise of its own will it chooses to exist in this plane. Such a creature will not return to its original plane willingly. I had my work cut out for me and I could see that I would have to call on the Technologia guild for some help. The next stop on my journey would be Jaedenar and the Shadow Hold.