Elkwinkarma — Undead Warlock, Guild Leader, Technologia
Report — Kroshius’ Infernal Core – Part 2

Jaedenar is an area controlled by demons and their followers. It is the kind of place where, if you are not one of them you are by definition the enemy. I was not welcome there. In fact, I knew I would be attacked on site, so I approached the area with a shoot first ask questions later attitude. But that’s okay, I like it that way — just the black and white, kill or be killed, none of that messy grey area stuff.

Typical of the demon mentality, low-level henchmen and minions occupied the areas outside the main stronghold know as Shadow Hold. It was relatively easy to work my way to the cave entrance and enter the demon infested hole in the ground. The cave system was appropriately named because it was dark, cold and smelled with the foul stench that can only be produced by demons.

The layout of the Shadow Hold could basically be described as a series of rooms connected by tunnels and or bridges. Each room contained a few followers and perhaps a few demons to order them around. For a Warlock of my level each pocket of resistance was easily dismissed and then I could move on to the next pocket. Eventually I worked my way to a larger room where some sort of demonic ritual was taking place.

I didn’t have time to observe it enough to figure out what was going on because some big demon Legionnaire guard attacked me. It turns out this is the guard that carried enough Flawless Fel Essence to satisfy my quest. It was good timing too, because the stench was getting to me. I used my hearthstone to return to Undercity to sell what I looted and to repair weapons and armor. The next stop on my quest would be to retrieve a Flawless Fel Essence from a demon in Azshara, which are worshiped by cult of blood elves. I was looking forward to it.