Well, we finally know why Superman never intervened in the wars in Serbia and Bosnia in the 1990’s. The BBC has reported that Kryptonite has been discovered in a mine in Serbia.

Specifically, what was discovered is sodium-lithium-boron-silicate-hydroxide. That’s the formulation mentioned in the movie Superman Returns. Lex Luthor steals a metal box of the hero-killing mineral, and that name appears on the side of it. (Of course, Lex is pretty tricky, so he just might have swapped boxes or something.)

Unfortunately, the recently discovered kryptonite doesn’t glow green. Instead, it’s a rather dull off-white. According to the BBC however, under UV light, the mineral will glow a pinkish-orange.

As everyone knows, green Kryptonite can kill Superman. Kryptonite comes in other colors however:

  • Green – Kills/weakens Superman
  • Red – Makes Superman Evil
  • Blue – Kills Bizarro
  • Black – Has split Supergirl into two people

What about pink-orange? Well, I did some digging. It turns out that pink Kryptonite has an interesting effect on Superman.

In any case, now that Kryptonite has officially been discovered, supervillains everywhere can breathe a sigh of relief.