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If you’re testing Windows 2000 within your enterprise, or if you’ve rolled out Redmond’s new OS, you’ll want to visit Network administrators will find much to like.
Windows 2000 arguably will impact more IT professionals than any other software release in history. TechRepublic's Win2K white paper, updated in June 2000, examines the new NT platform's features and the impact the OS will have on your enterprise. You can download it here for free.
Back when Win2K was still in beta, TechRepublic reviewed the LabMice site. It scored one of the highest WebReview ratings ever (a 4.0 out of 5.0).

Now that the first Win2K Service Pack has been released, it’s likely that a new crop of questions will arise for netadmins and systems engineers. can be an excellent source for answering some of those issues, especially as the site now includes the following updated sections:
  • Active Directory
  • Administration
  • Deployment
  • Hardware Guides
  • Interoperability
  • Registry
  • Service Packs

Read our review to learn more about and the resources it offers.
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