Lack of turn out shows Linux's crossover

This week's Roundup looks at the lack of excitement surronding this year's LinuxWorld conference, Dan Kaminsky has finally revealed the details of his DNS flaw and we take a look at the new features to come in Firefox.

It may seem counter-intuitive but the proof that Linux is now a mainstream technology is the lack of excitement surrounding LinuxWorld this year.

In his blog post Charles Cooper wrote: "There was a time when LinuxWorld was one of -- if not the -- hottest technology conferences around. [...] That now seems like ancient history. The roster of keynotes during this week's LinuxWorld conference reads like a Who's Who of the Establishment with the likes of IBM, McKesson and Merrill Lynch, among others, taking turns behind the lectern."

There was also quite a few videos from LinuxWorld this week: the first discusses the state of mobile Linux, next up is IBM asking "what is a desktop?" and that Linux needs better user interfaces, lastly is the LinuxWorld keynote where Merrill Lynch talks about going stateless.

Dan Kaminsky has finally revealed the details of his DNS flaw at the Black Hat security conference. While the majority of vendors have issued patches, Apple are still lagging behind -- probably a good thing that Apple's overall market share is still quite low, if this was Microsoft there'd be no end to the complaining and lynching.

The next version of Firefox is slated to be released in August, there are a number of new features including ctrl+tab tab switching previewer, improved address bar and Ogg video support for the HTML5 video element. All of the above features were shown in this week's Club Builder.

This week's blog posts close out the Roundup for this week. Brendon Chase came up with a list of 10 PR 2.0 tips for startups, Caroline McCarthy detailed some changes to Facebook's developer analytics and Renai LeMay asked some Australian users their thoughts on Twitter's malware experiences.

A good weekend to all, and enjoy your last few Olympic free moments before the onslaught begins tonight.