With people having to manage more and more online user accounts and high profile sites like Adobe and Twitter being attacked and user passwords being compromised, many users are turning to password management solutions to deal with the unscalable issue of managing all of their passwords and keeping them secure. The two most popular password managers are LastPass and 1Password

These solutions create highly secure passwords for all of your accounts and then use software (browser plugins and mobile apps) to manage the entry of your passwords across various sites and devices. The only thing you have to do is create one super-secure master password that you can remember. 
There are advantages and disadvantages to both LastPass and 1Password (and there’s also an open source alternative called KeePass). These solutions can increase both security and convenience, but there’s also the issue that if you decide to use one of these services then you have a single point of failure (your master password) if someone targets you. Nevertheless, more and more users are opting for these kinds of solutions and the subject of which one to recommend will continue to come up.
In typical TechRepublic fashion, we’re going to call on the wisdom of the crowds to help answer this question. There are lots of highly-technical brainiacs in the TechRepublic community and we’d like to call on your valuable perspectives and experiences to help people make the right choice.