Apple has faced a few oopsies this week. First, it had to apologize to customers for the problems caused when the large number of iPhone 4 pre-orders (silver lining) crashed systems and overwhelmed AT&T, and then the big Mac OS X security patch turned out to have the wrong Flash plugin.

Flash Player had numerous critical vulnerabilities, and unfortunately, that’s the one that went out in the latest update. The updated version should be Flash Player that Adobe shipped on June 10. To check your version in each browser on your system go to the About Flash Player page or right-click on content running in Flash Player and select About Adobe Flash Player from the menu. Update your version as necessary. I read that if you had already updated your Flash Player, the Mac update did not appear to downgrade it when applied, but you might want to check anyway.

Apple also released the Mac OS X Server 10.6.4 update as well as Safari 5.0. If you’ve upgraded the Safari browser to the latest version already, what are your first impressions? I haven’t yet, but one of my Twitter friends reported numerous freezes. More bad news?