TechRepublic has been asking a very simple question several times a year for the past four years, give or take:

What percentage of your enterprise is running Windows XP?

Over those years, we have seen a slow but sure trend away from XP toward Windows 7 and our latest poll results show the trend continues. It also shows that a good many enterprises are still running Windows XP even though Microsoft plans to stop support for that older version of the operating system in 2014.

Results 2013

Back in June 2009, I suggested that it would be a good idea to begin working on a plan to migrate off of Windows XP. That suggestion was met with considerable resistance, which I found a little peculiar since it was obvious that such a migration would have to take place sooner or later. Since 2009, we have been polling the TechRepublic membership on their Windows XP usage each year to six months to see what movement had taken place.

The latest results from a poll in March 2013 show increased migration to Windows 7 away from XP, but a very definitive rejection of Windows 8 at the enterprise level. Here are the results from the March 2013 poll.

Results 2012

In October of 2012, I asked the same poll questions, the results of which are shown in the pie charts below.

As you can see – there is a definite acceleration in the pace of migration to Windows 7 from XP. If your organization is still using Windows XP, it may be time to ask yourself why, because by the end of 2014 your stakeholders will be asking that question and you probably should have a good answer.

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