Are you looking for the latest trends in IT fashion? Heck, even if you aren’t, some of the pieces of clothing apparel and clothing accessories that people are creating these days are worth taking a peek at. Check out this photo gallery: “Fashion, sports greet ‘wearable technologies’.”

According to the gallery summary, “Fashion, sports, and technology converged at the ‘Wearable Technologies’ display at the ISPO Summer show in Munich, Germany.” Here are a few of the highlights:

  • “Koyono shows off the BlackCoat Work which is a jean jacket and sport coat with a smart fabric interface made by Eleksen. The coat has a five-button control to let you operate an iPod without taking it out of your pocket. It’s expected to retail for about $275.” 
  • “O’Neill has designed the h3 video backpack which contains a camera to let you make action videos. Function buttons are in the shoulder harness.”
  • “Interactive Wear AG’s ‘Know Where Jacket’ [is] integrated with GPS, GSM, Bluetooth, and MP3 capabilities and has a GPS antenna meshed into the epaulette on the jacket’s shoulder.” (see the photo below) 
  • “Red Maloo produces laptop sleeves for Apple notebooks. They come in orange and gray, at left is a 13-inch MacBook and right is a 17-inch Powerbook.”
  • “Aquapac makes waterproof enclosures designed for mobile gear. The Pro Sports Mini, at $35, can hold a cell phone and comes with an armband to keep it in place.”

The possibilities for “wearable technologies” are limitless. If you can think it, someone can create it. Do you have some cool ideas to add to the IT apparel landscape?