Around the Internet, rumors and gossip pertaining to a product launch of Google’s very own mobile phone is coming to a head.

According to these rumors, the Google mobile phone, dubbed by many simply as the “gPhone,” is set to be launched in two weeks.

It appears that a simultaneous launch across both the United States and Europe is expected, sources close to the development said. At the moment, U. S. regulatory approval is the only hurdle that Google is waiting to cross — and even that is expected to come very soon.

Adding fuel to the speculations is the absence of any denial by Google. In fact, in this excerpt from, a Google spokesperson adds more fuel:

We don’t comment on market rumour or speculation. However, Google is committed to providing users with access to the world’s information, and mobile becomes more important to those efforts every day.

We’re collaborating with partners worldwide to bring Google search and applications to mobile users everywhere. However, we have nothing to announce at this time.

We have had many reports about Google in the last month or so. From news that Google will be taking part in the upcoming auction for the 700 MHz spectrum in the United States, as well as the appearance of ads on select YouTube videos. And now we have to contend with the possibility of the “gPhone” coming as soon as September.

One cannot help but feel the inexorable jaws of some colossal multi-pronged strategy starting to slide into place.

To read more about the “gPhone”:

In a saturated mobile market, do you think that the “gPhone” will be able to succeed?