Yesterday was show and tell day for with a pavilion full of gadgets, toys and cool stuff

Leading Up

Open Day began at 3pm, so there were the standard tutorial sessions throughout the day. Chris Blizzard’s talk on the Sugar interface for the OLPC program drew much attention.

OLPC interface

The screen showing you what applications are running. In this case there is a web browser nd chat program running. The interface is highly based on icons because it is designed for children and it must be useable with a black and white monitor due to requirements for outdoor use.

OLPC interface

Playing the camera that is inside the OLPC.

OLPC interface

Notice the minimal interface and how it is icon driven.

OLPC + kids

The target market loves it!

Close, but no Guitar – Frets on Fire

Builder AU’s Nick Gibson shows why he is at a linux conference and not on tour.

Wiimote + Tuxracer

The old OpenGL staple game just got a lot more cooler. Not only was the Wiimote used here as a controller into the laptop, it was also used a presentation slide changer during the Gaming Mini-Conference.

Tux on Wheels

What’s not to love about a mobile Tux?

RoboPuppy Soccer

Having a cute mechanical dog play with a small ball always draws the crowds.

Google is Hiring!

When you have so many talented people in a small area, of course Google will try to lure a few.

QTopia phone

Trolltech showed off their phone that has an interface based on QT.

It’s a Dvorak!

You know that you have hit hardcore central when you see that type of keyboard.

PS3 running a Linux desktop

What do you do when you have the latest and greatest toy? Throw Linux on it!

Solar Powered Bee Webcam

I don’t know how big the market for Bee Webcams is, but it has to be good! Just look at it!

3D printers

Now you really do have to fill your printer with dead trees!

The builder is going to here about this!

Either someone has installed a skylight in the middle of my water heater panels or it’s the cockpit for the Sunswift solar car.

Sweet Dreams!

At the end of the day, even Builder editors need their sleep.

Bye Bye 2007, it was a definite score!