LCA Opening Day

Distro chairs, gentoo, solar cars plus Jonathon Oxer. And that's before things really get going! kicked off today at UNSW, beginning with a series of mini conferences covering the topics of Debian, GNOME, education, embedded, virtualisation, MySQL and Research.

Things were not terribly busy for attendees today as people took it easy.

Turns out that the faithful Builder "Video Guy" has worked as a UNSW tour guide in years gone by and was able to point out Stargate-like objects for all our geek referencing delight.

The highlight of the current setup was the distro chairs, with each major distro having a nice colourful couch -- except for Gentoo.

Gentoo gets a box and people then have to build the chair themselves! What more could a Gentoo user want? There is at least one satisfied Gentoo user on his chair. It might take a while to build but that chair is your chair and you know exactly what is in it!

I hope that over the coming days this Gentoo chair will develop trapper-keeper like tendencies and show those other smug chairs what is what!

On the actual business side of things today, we did a great interview with Jon Oxer that is wrapped up nicely in this news piece and look out for the full video to appear in the future.

In the afternoon we got a sneak peek at the UNSW Sunswift that broke the Coast to Coast record between Perth and Sydney for a solar car. The old record was 8.5 days and the Sunswift did it 5.5 days! Congratulations to all and if you would like to get up close with Sunswift, it will be at the LCA Open Day on Thursday from 3pm.

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