In the information-saturated times we live in, I think most of us try to take shortcuts any way we can. It’s why some people flock to YouTube videos to watch a how-to tip before they’ll slog through hundreds of words of prose meant to guide them along a technique.

Charts are sometimes a godsend for those just-give-me-the-info-as-quickly-as-you-can people. For their sakes, we’ve created a chart that compares the features of four of the leading smartphones in the U.S. market now.

So, if you just want a quick answer on which smartphones have removable storage or which ones offer the best battery life, take a look at the chart below (you can click on the chart to enlarge the image).

[Update 4/10/2013: Thanks to feedback in the discussion thread, we’ve made some changes to the graphic. Some of these changes include the addition and subtraction of features, focusing primarily on the features that are more geared towards business users.]