Microsoft is planning its 2011 attack against the Apple iPad, which is running roughshod over the tablet market with 95% market share and starting to eat away at the sales of low-end Windows netbooks and laptops. According to a leaked presentation obtained by ZDNet’s Mary Jo Foley, Microsoft is focusing its tablet strategy on five key areas that it considers iPad weaknesses:

  1. Enterprise security and compliance
  2. IT manageability
  3. Integration with Microsoft apps and platforms
  4. User choice
  5. Content creation

The last two items are exactly the same things that ASUS is targeting in its iPad attack, and items one and two are what BlackBerry is going after with its PlayBook.

Assuming these slides are legitimate, I think Microsoft has articulated the iPad’s weaknesses pretty well — other than overstating the compliance and security issues (Apple and enterprises worked together in 2010 to work through these issues in a lot of instances).

However, while I like Microsoft’s strategy, I have doubts about its product roadmap. Microsoft is still putting its eggs in the Windows 7 basket for tablets, and putting the full version of Windows on tablets is a mistake — at least for the mass market. Windows is too much of a resource and battery hog and the user experience is too complicated for tablets.

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