Communication skills are necessary not only for interpersonal relationships, but they can also aid your career in incredible ways. If you can effectively communicate the need for a new tech initiative, for example, the better the chances you’ll get the go-ahead. Here are some tools that can help you improve your communication skills.


In information technology, it’s not difficult to find employees who are intelligent, hard-working, and have great passion for their work. But more and more headhunters and hiring managers are finding that interpersonal and business communication skills seem to allude even highly educated tech workers. The ability to effectively communicate is highly sought after in every job market, but most especially in the tech field where there is often the need to explain technical concepts in ways that other company employees and executives can understand.

I’ve done some scouting around and found a couple of tools from Global Knowledge that can improve your communication skills exponentially.

A two-day course called Effective Technical Communication teaches you best practices for authoring effective documents and composing your communications with clarity, relevance, and precision. In this course, you’ll learn how to prepare documents that clearly and concisely convey technical information to both technical and non-technical audiences. You will learn the five Cs of writing — correctness, clarity, conciseness, coherence, and contro — and how to apply them to your own writing. You will also learn how to copyedit documents written by you and others. (The cost is $1,495 USD, and vendor registration is required.)

A white paper called Four Key Elements of Effective Business Communication offers a perspective on business communication that involves four key elements: purpose, style, listening, and follow-up.