Sometimes the best way to learn resume tips is to see them in action. Here are some sample resumes you can download.


I’m a visual learner. What this means is that you can lock me in a room with a stack of documentation explaining a procedure and leave me there for four days, and when I come out, I will still not have a complete idea of what to do. Processes and procedures are just not defined for me until I can see them happening.

That’s the way it is with career advice. You can spout tips to me until you’re blue in the face but, until I see them in action, I don’t really have a handle on things. And I think a lot of people are like me in this respect.

For example, if I have a career expert tell me about the best formatting to use in a resume — enough white space but not too much, a readable font but nothing too fancy — I have a general idea of what to do. But show me a before and after example of a resume and that seals it.

So, for all those folks out there who are like me and need some visual emphasis in their learning, I’m providing some links to resume examples. These are some resumes that have published over the years on TechRepublic. They have been tweaked for maximum efficiency. Just follow the links: