With sales surpassing 210 million units, Windows XP provides
a very large, juicy target for hackers wanting to make a name for themselves.
Chances are your organization has dozens, if not hundreds, of Windows XP
workstations just waiting for the next attack. Your job is to anticipate those
attacks, and if possible, prevent them from doing damage to your organization
and disrupting your users’ productivity.

Securing Windows XP is no small task. Like the proverbial
little Dutch Boy, as soon as you stick your finger in one hole in the dike,
another leak springs up. In order to completely secure Windows XP, you need to
be familiar with all of the different ways it can be attacked and all of the
different ways you have to secure it.

That’s where our new TechProGuides come in. New for
TechProGuild subscribers, the Windows XP Security TechProGuides distill all of
the information you need to know about Windows XP security into small primers.
We’ve broken down Windows XP security issues into the following 8 sections:

  • Group
  • File
    and printer sharing
  • Encrypting
  • VPN
  • Firewalls
  • Wireless
  • Desktop
  • Viruses,
    Worms, and Spyware

You can now download
the Windows XP Security TechProGuide 1: Viruses, Worms, and Spyware whether or
not you’re a TechProGuild subscriber. This TechProGuide is available for a
limited time in alpha version to all TechRepublic members.

Let us know what
you think about the format and content. Feel free to give suggestions about
what you’d add to the guide or change. We’ll keep making changes to it until we
get it right.