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A guide to security-related audio Webcasts created for IT professionals by IT professionals.

As an IT professional a big part of your job is to keep up with attacks and implement technologies that protect your company's network. Unfortunately, this job has become more difficult over the last few years as the complexity of the network's infrastructure has increased dramatically. A brief look at the CERT Coordination Center's vulnerability statistics confirms the challenge you currently face.

At TechRepublic we devote a great deal of our content to helping you with this security battle. Recently, we began producing a series of free audio Webcasts available to members that feature the thoughts and suggestions of real IT security professionals on specific security topics. Each audio Webcast is no more that 20 minutes in length, so the time commitment is minimal. Check out each link below and discover a better way to keep up to date on the security issues that matter to you:

  • Prevent network vulnerabilities - The total number of new vulnerabilities reported this year has skyrocketed. Organizations simply lack the time and wherewithal to determine which ones are important to their business operations. However, with the right tools, services, and internal cooperation in place you can focus efforts where they are needed most to mitigate your exposure. This audio Webcast will examine some common characteristics of today's vulnerabilities and provide steps you can implement now to protect your network.
  • Optimize your security plan - The time between notification and deployment of vulnerabilities has dwindled from months to hours. For busy IT Professionals this trend means finding faster alternatives for detection. One solution is using a Web services vendor. This audio Webcast will look at how Web services vendors can speed up the vulnerability detection process to narrow the window of time between discovery of a security risk and its removal.
  • Top questions to ask a security firm - In order to combat today's numerous vulnerability threats, many organizations are turning to outsourced security firms that specialize in preempting these attacks before they reach critical mass. However, there are important questions that need to be asked before you turn your security function over to an outsider. To help with one of these questions, this audio Webcast will focus on what you should ask a security firm about its vulnerability database.

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