TechRepublic member Adinoyi Iliyasu Sani, a network administrator at a high school, wants to find a more challenging position in a multicultural environment. He’s been sending his resume to potential employers for 16 months and hasn’t received any callbacks. He’s hoping that TechRepublic members can provide some constructive criticism to help him improve his resume.

Take a look at his resume, shown in the following figures, and post a message to Sani in the discussion below. Your response may provide him with ideas he can use to capture the attention of prospective employers.

Figure A
Page one, part one

Figure B
Page one, part two

Figure C
Page two, part one

Figure D
Page two, part two

Figure E
Page three, part one

Figure F
Page three, part two

Would you like to have your resume critiqued?

The success of a recent article gave us the idea to allow our members to critique one another’s resumes. If you’d like your resume to be featured in an article like this, send it to us in Microsoft Word format with identifying details shielded if you want to remain anonymous. We’d also like to know about your current job (or lack thereof), what kind of work you’ve been searching for, and for how long you’ve been looking.