Lenovo has just announced new ThinkPad T61 models that are preloaded with Microsoft Windows XP. They are available immediately. The irony, as noted by this Slashdot snippet, is that they’re called ThinkPad T61 ‘TopSeller” models.

Indeed, for other ThinkPad users out there, Lenovo already has a “Windows Vista Downgrade” scheme all prepared. According to the page:

Have a Microsoft Windows Vista Business or Microsoft Windows Ultimate system, but need to continue using Microsoft Windows XP for a while? For a limited time, Lenovo is providing Windows XP Recovery CD media as a way to downgrade from Windows Vista. Lenovo customers that have Windows Vista Business or Windows Vista Ultimate “qualified systems” may purchase a Windows XP Recovery CD until July 31, 2008.

Sony has a similar downgrade page for its Vaio series of notebooks, from which I downgraded my Vaio TZ26GN just the other day — the moment the XP drivers became available. I really tried to make it work over the last month (I had no choice, get it?), but Vista’s hibernate/suspend and multi-monitor support is totally broken for me.

I use hibernate a lot, but I had absolutely no idea every time I pressed the power button if it would wake up properly or simply show me a blank screen after 2-3 minutes of huffing and puffing.

And yes, XP’s hibernate is working like a charm now.

Anyway, if you’re interested in the ThinkPads, their part numbers are 6465-03U, 7658-04U, and 7664-06U (PDF links).