How’d you like a copilot to fly you through a Windows 2000 Server installation? Don your flying gear, because TechRepublic’s here with navigational help!

We’ve built a free download guide to help familiarize you with a Windows 2000 Server installation. You’ve heard much about the new OS, and you’ve probably installed the beta. You may have already set a few machines up.

If you have questions, or haven’t installed a Windows 2000 Server platform yet, you’ll want to review TechRepublic’s installation guide. The download walks you through a CD-ROM-based installation from power up to power down. Step-by-step, we cover everything from partition selection and drive formatting to domain name and administrator account creation.

Windows 2000 is a powerful new operating system, but before you can enjoy its benefits you’ve got to install it. Make your installations easier using our guide. Download our Windows 2000 Server Installation Guide here.
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