Let TechRepublic's product analyses help you make educated purchase decisions

Before you make your next IT purchase, check out Gartner Research product analyses at TechRepublic. They provide unbiased information and detailed specifications for a wide range of IT products. Best of all, the reports are free.

You know the feeling. You need a new system, a software tool, updated hardware, or some other IT product. Selecting the wrong one will do nothing to further your career. Whether you’re a network administrator, support technician, IT manager, CIO, or even a consultant, you can now find valuable IT product information at TechRepublic.

As a result of TechRepublic’s relationship with Gartner, a business technology advisor based in Stamford, CT, our members now enjoy free access to technical performance and system compatibility information. The product analysis reports provide relevant information on the IT products you use and purchase every day. Further, TechRepublic’s product analyses are written by Gartner Research (formerly Datapro) consultants, so the reports present unbiased opinions and analysis.

Visit TechRepublic’s Product Analysis Downloads center, and you’ll find detailed PDF reports containing information on operating systems, hardware devices, management tools, and more. The reports also include helpful comparative charts, and you can use all the information you find to identify and select the IT product that best meets your needs.

You won’t have to worry about selecting equipment that’s incompatible with the systems you already have in place. In addition to highlighting the relative value points of products, the Gartner Research reports let you map your specific needs to a product’s specifications.

The next time you’re preparing to purchase new equipment or evaluating certain IT products, be sure to browse or search TechRepublic’s Product Analysis Downloads center. You can also visit our Gartner Research briefing center. (If you’re participating in the TechRepublic beta of the enhanced site, you’ll want to click here.)

Erik Eckel MCP+I, MCSE is editor in chief of TechRepublic’s IT communities. He’s previously held positions as a high-speed IP access product manager and a communications representative for nationwide long-distance, data networking, and Internet services providers.

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