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Let users open Access reports from their desktops

Did you know your users can open their most used Access reports directly from their desktops—without traditional shortcut aliases? Here's how to set it up now for easy access later.

If your users frequently access the same Access reports over and over again, rather than have them access those reports through the Database window, have them open them directly from their desktops.

For example, suppose your users need to access and print one report quarterly and one report annually. Follow these steps to learn how users can open these reports from their desktops:

  1. Open the database that contains the two reports.
  2. Click Form Object and then click New.
  3. Select Design View and then click OK.
  4. Click the Toolbox button if necessary.
  5. Click the Control Wizards button on the toolbox to activate if necessary.
  6. Click the Option Group button and click and drag in the empty form window.
  7. Enter Annual Report, and then press [Tab].
  8. Enter Quarterly Report, press [Tab], and then click the Next button.
  9. Click Next twice.
  10. Choose Option Buttons, Raised and click Next.
  11. Enter Choose Report, and click Finish.
  12. Double-click the Options Group, and under the Other tab, enter ChooseReport in the Name text box.
  13. Close and save the form as ChooseReport.
  14. Open the form in Design View.
  15. Click the Control Wizards button to deactivate it.
  16. Click the Command button tool.
  17. Click and drag where you want the button to appear in the form.
  18. Select the command button text, type Print Report and press [Enter].
  19. Click the Database window and select Macros under Objects.
  20. Click the New button.
  21. Click the Macro Names button in the toolbar.
  22. Click the Conditions button in the toolbar.
  23. Under Macro Name, enter PrintReport.
  24. Under Condition, enter [ChooseReport]=1.
  25. Under Action, choose OpenReport from the drop-down list.
  26. Under Action Arguments, select Quarterly Report from the Report Name drop-down list.
  27. Under Comment, enter Print Quarterly Report.
  28. Press [Tab] twice.
  29. Under Condition, enter [ChooseReport]=2.
  30. Under Action, choose OpenReport from the drop-down list.
  31. Under Action Arguments, select Annual from the Report Name drop-down list.
  32. Under Comment, enter Prints Annual Report.
  33. Close and save the Macro as PrintReport.
  34. Double-click the Print Report button in the Financial Reports Form Design window.
  35. Under the Event tab in the Properties box, click the On click property, and then select PrintReport from the drop-down list.
  36. Click the Form Selector button.
  37. Under the Other tab, set the following properties:
  38. Under the Format tab, set the following properties:
    Caption=Choose Report
    Allow Form View=Yes
    Allow Datasheet View=No
    Allow PivotTable View=No
    Allow PivotChart View=No
    Scroll Bars=Neither
    Record Selectors=No
    Navigation Buttons=No
    Dividing Lines=No
    Border Style=Dialog
    Control Box=Yes
    MinMax Button=None.

To place the form on the desktop, select the form from the Database window and drag it to the desktop.

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