Whenever I post a list of potential Geek Trivia topics

and ask my readership (all three of you) to guess which I’ll choose,

nobody musters up even a half-cocked quasi-ironic shot in the dark. I

figure if a tactic isn’t even worth mocking, it’s not worth trying, so

that little trend is over.

Instead, I’m just going to say that the Nov. 9 Geek Trivia will cover a

topic that has been requested heavily by past readers. And by

requested, I mean cited as evidence to point out mistakes in previous

Geek Trivia columns. If nothing else, I’ll get plenty of I-told-you-so traffic when I miss an obscure detail on the subject. It’s all about the pageviews, baby.

[Hint: My most popular columns are about the space program or video games. Way to confound the geek stereotype, people.]