Just an update on my experience so far with Nagios.  After playing around with various front-ends

for easy configuration (which I previously mentioned), I wasn’t happy with the

setup they had given and found I was often forced to setup functions which I

didn’t want, just to stop the configuration tool from throwing up errors and

let me proceed.  Back to square one, I

had to bite the bullet and set aside quite a bit of time to properly read the

manuals and fully understand the configuration process—Lots of time, boring

manuals, but in the end well worth it.  I

now have Nagios configured to monitor quite a few of our servers and alert when

various system variables reach warning or critical levels.  This has proven to be very useful for pinpointing

intermittent problems with our mail server, with alerts coming in because of

mail queue size, number of processes, memory usage and so on; it really helps

give a wider view of the big picture and lets me know exactly what to look for

in system logs.  I have even found that I

can fix some problems pre-emptively before they become a problem (before users

notice), examples being low disk space, jammed mail queue due to spam attacks


Overall I would say not to be put off by what first looks to

be a complex configuration, once understood it’s pretty simple and the rewards

are well worth the initial effort.  Has

anyone else had success with Nagios?