Multiple editors may review the same Word document and most likely, they’ll all have a few unique comments or edits. With all that additional text, you can get a bit lost. Limiting comments to a specific editor or group of editors can help. First, make sure Word is display comments by choosing Comments from the Show command’s dropdown list on the Reviewing toolbar. In Word 2007, use Show Markup in the Tracking group on the Review tab. The same menu (Show and Show Markup) lets you filter reviewers. Simply select Reviewers (or uncheck reviewers), accordingly.Keep in mind that Word will limit not only comments but also any review task checked in the Show or Show Menu list. In addition, this feature won’t always work the way you expect. That’s because Word tracks reviewers by initials (usually established when you install or use Word for the first time). If two reviewers happen to share the same initials, Word won’t distinguish between the two. Reviewers using an administrative account can also skew the results.