Let’s say you work with a number of contacts that are all employed by the same company and you want to keep those contacts under one umbrella, so they’re easier to find. Or say you have a number of contacts that all work under the same manager. What do you do? Simple. You link those contacts together — thanks to the Android contact app. Here’s how.

With every device this process will vary slightly — but the idea is the same. I will demonstrate the joining of contacts on the Verizon-branded HTC M8. With this device, the process is called “linking”.

The first thing you must do is open the contact app. On the HTC M8, this is called People. From within that app, locate the contact you want.

From within the contact, tap the menu button and then tap Link.

You may already see the contact is linked with others, you can link this contact with more than one, so tap the Other Contacts button and then locate the contact to be linked. If you want to keep linking, tap Other contacts again and locate the next contact to link.

When you’ve linked all the necessary contacts, tap DONE. That’s it. The contact is now linked.

If you decide to unlink a contact, the process is simple. Just open up the contact, tap the menu button, tap Link, and then tap the link button for the contact to unlink.

Linking or joining contacts makes it so much easier to manage a contact list that seems to never stop growing. Try this out and see if it doesn’t make your mobile life a bit easier to manage.