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As new graduates face a job market that’s taken a toll from the COVID-19 pandemic, there’s still promise, according to a new LinkedIn guide. There are millions of entry-level jobs listed on its website. In its new guide, “2021 Grad’s Guide to Getting Hired: Top jobs, cities and industries to get your start,” LinkedIn highlights the top gigs for new diploma-holders, as well as skills companies are seeking and the cities to consider when searching for entry-level jobs.

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Listed below are the 10 jobs LinkedIn is recommending in 2021 for new grads and what it sees as their starting annual salaries:

  1. Software engineering specialist ($103,000+ for entry-level candidates)
  2. Online specialist ($29,000+)
  3. Sterilization technician ($35,000+)
  4. Wellness specialist ($33,000+)
  5. Medical technologist ($48,000+)
  6. Transaction services specialist ($41,000+)
  7. Technical support manager ($46,000+)
  8. Virtual assistant ($30,000+)
  9. Data entry operator ($23,000+)
  10. Technical sales representatives ($37,000+)

Regarding the 10 Industries entry-level seekers are eyeing are the following (which also includes sample jobs):

  1. Transportation and logistics (such as drivers and customer service)
  2. Health care (licensed practical nurses and speech language pathologists)
  3. Software and IT services (software engineers and data engineers)
  4. Retail (cashiers and shop managers)
  5. Consumer goods (sales and real estate specialists)
  6. Recreation and travel (bakers and food service workers)
  7. Manufacturing (automotive technicians and software engineers)
  8. Finance (insurance agents and bankers)
  9. Corporate services (software engineers and project managers)
  10. Construction (carpenters and electricians)

Several entry-level remote jobs in the tech space are highlighted by LinkedIn, such as full-stack engineering gigs, data analysts and security engineers. Other remote work positions cited in the guide are customer support specialists, office associates, real estate agents, salespeople and account managers.

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LinkedIn goes on to provide what it views as the most in-demand skills needed. Among them: analytics, project management, customer service, marketing and time management.

And according to the guide, the top cities with the most entry-level careers include New York; the Washington, D.C.-Baltimore area; Chicago; Los Angeles; Dallas; Houston; Boston; Philadelphia; San Francisco; and Atlanta.

On its site, LinkedIn shows which companies are actively recruiting, and you can get help setting up a profile, along with tips for things like networking.