Links can help you decide whether to launch Windows XP

Whether you love it or hate it, Windows XP is here. Do you know enough about it to know if the new OS is a fit for your organization? Follow these links to make an informed decision.

Microsoft’s newest operating system, Windows XP, hasn’t received the warmest reception from TechRepublic members.

TechRepublic member Flashtube said in one discussion, “Microsoft is only worried about making money and plenty of it. I don't think we need several more buggy OSs floating around the world causing havoc.”

Jppascoe joined the discussion by adding: “Based on conversations I've had with other techs, nobody else here sees the point in trying to upgrade to XP.”

While many TechRepublic members denounce XP, the OS is here, and sooner or later, you’ll likely have to explain why you think your organization should or should not make the move.

These TechRepublic resources can help you make an informed decision about XP. Be sure to check out the discussions and survey links that follow for a look at what your peers are saying about XP.

Surveys and discussions
We’ve asked the TechRepublic community about XP on several occasions. The results of our polls and discussions show that most of you are staying away from XP for now. Read the following articles to learn more.

What’s your take on XP?
We’ve heard from many members, but have we heard from you? Give us your take on XP. Is it a welcome addition to the Microsoft OS family? Will you be making the move to XP? Let us know by starting a discussion below or sending us an e-mail.


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