Okay so I’ve read it countless times “I can’t switch to Linux because I can’t live without application X.” Well I’ve had enough. It’s time to fight back!!!

Recently my father was awarded a new PC from work. The PC was loaded with Windows XP. Now my father has been using Linux for the last 5 or so years. So when he realized he’d be using Windows he asked “What about gnucash? What about glines? What about…” It was all about the applications he had grown used to using and really needed.

Of course I said we’d find equivalent applications. But then the “buts…” came down the pike. “But it needs to be free…” Ah yes…well then, time to start searching for a free application to replace Gnucash. It took me a while but I did come across a freebie. 

This little ordeal put my brain to buzzing (well that and reading just another article on “Ten reasons why I can’t switch to Linux” and all Ten were applications.) I decided to write a counterpoint to all those flapping their gums that this or that application prevented them from switching operating systems. So here’s my list of applications that keep me from switching away from Linux.

Scribus: An open source desktop publishing software that is just as powerful as the very-much-more-costly alternatives. This application is, without a doubt, amazing.

Gnucash: My favorite banking software. It’s simple, reliable, and very, very powerful. This application can easily handle accounting needs.

The GIMP: Forget Photoshop, The GIMP is where it’s at. The GIMP is one of the flagship open source apps with very good reason.

gFTP: The best ftp tool available.

K3B: CD burning software. Outstanding.

Evolution: My mail client of choice. It syncs with my Treo 680, keeps my calendar, threads my email and all sorts of wonderful things.

Enlightenment: I hate the Windows desktop metaphor. It’s so klunky. Enlightenment is simple, fast, themable, and reliable.

Aterm: My console app of choice. Yes, I do still run some commands.

Yum (or apt-get): I love the simplicity and reliability of these installation tools.

Of course this only scratches the surface. I could mention OpenOffice because I write so much. But if I didn’t have OpenOffice I could use AbiWord or Word Perfect. I could mention FireFox but FireFox runs on damn-near everything.  There are also some honorable mentions that go to:

GQview, Evince, Jpilot, Kopete, xmms, rsync, tar, and a plethora of other command-line tools.

But ultimately you get the point. For every Windows application you can’t live without, I have a Linux application I can’t live without. It’s a tit-for-tat world. But that’s how it goes. I’m an open source kinda girl in an open source kinda world.

Oh wait a sec…let me rephrase that.