Now that you’ve decided to try Linux, you might be wondering what applications are available to perform all the tasks that you used to do on a  Windows or Mac system. We’ve compiled quite a few of them at TechRepublic, so I rounded up some of the best lists to share with beginners:

Top 10 Linux financial tools

Plenty of outstanding financial applications are available for the Linux operating system. From personal finance to business finance, there is an application for nearly every need. Let’s take a look at the top Linux financial applications.

10 must-have Linux office applications

Does Linux have what it takes to meet the needs of the corporate desktop? Jack Wallen thinks so. Here’s his list of office apps that can handle everything from word processing to project management to data backups.

How do I install and use fonts in Linux?

Jack Wallen shows you how to install True Type fonts on your Fedora or Ubuntu Linux machine and how to make key applications such as OpenOffice and Scribus aware of those fonts.

10 obscure Linux applications you need to try

With thousands of Linux tools out there, it stands to reason that some of the very best ones might get lost in the crowd. Jack Wallen introduces some excellent apps that more admins should know about.

If you want to look even farther afield, try out the rather exhaustive list of Linux apps at The Linux Alternative Project.

Graphical front ends make installing Linux applications much easier than it used to be. In Ubuntu, you’ll be using Synaptic or Aptitude; here’s a quick guide to those package managers from You might also want to check out A Beginner’s Guide on How to Install Linux Software at