These days Linux has slick, user-friendly GUI interfaces to accomplish most tasks. But just like those keystroke commands in your Windows applications that help you move faster, learning a few basic commands in Linux will help you settle in to your new operating system. Here are several TechRepublic resources that will get you up to speed with the command line from veteran Linux gurus Vincent Danen and Jack Wallen. Check out these handy downloads:

Tips and tricks for working on the command line in Linux

Vincent Danen believes in the power of the command line as being faster and more powerful than a GUI, once you get the hang of it. Here are some of his favorite tips and shortcuts for working from the CLI.

The 10 most useful Linux commands

Maybe the command line isn’t your favorite place to hang out, but to be an effective Linux admin, you need to be able to wield a few essential commands. Jack Wallen says these 10 are guaranteed to simplify your Linux admin life — and he explains why.

12 useful Linux file manipulation commands you should know (Mellonfire)

This download shortens the Linux learning curve by providing a ready reference to common file system tasks and their respective Linux commands. Each command is described in brief, with a sample command line and a list of useful options.

Cut down on Linux command-line typing with these 10 handy bash aliases

Jack Wallen shares some of the aliases he’s used over the years to reduce the need for repetitive command-line typing.